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    Born in Temple, Texas to an artisitic family, Michael showed his talents at an early age. By the age of 7 he had already won a city wide art competetion and expressed a deep fascination with guitars and woodworking. At 9 years old his family moved to Houston and he started studying the guitar. Out of curiosity, he disassembled his elctric guitar and became obsessed with the idea of making a guitar of his own someday. At 14 he got his break: Jr. High shop class. There he made his first guitar and "caught the bug" for building more and would build and restore guitars from parts or old thrown out guitars. It wasn't until college, however, that he built his own guitar from scratch. A Gibson L5 copy that he used professionally for years after. It was then that Michael decided that he wanted to be a luthier. Little by little he sought out the advice of other luthiers, collected tools, and studied highly sought after vintage guitars, while building his own archtops and Selmer Maccaferri copies as a means of study. He has since made them the focus of his production. 

    When he's not building fine guitars, Michael can be found performing in one the several jazz groups local to Houston, or performing with his longtime friends in France.

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